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Business Intelligence Dashboards for Smarter Winter Operations

Plow Ops is a storm operation ecosystem that tracks plow driver status and enables road, weather and critical incident reporting to help state and local agencies improve safety, increase efficiency and reduce weather-related delays.

Manage Driver and Route Status

Going digital can keep your plow drivers accountable with hours of service, percentage of route completed and real-time location. When you can manage and track time of service, you’re in control of your drivers—and your budget. Operations tools give supervisors the power to:

• Pre-plan storm response by assigning drivers routes and resources before snow falls
• Alert drivers to shifting priorities in the field
• Improve roadway safety during inclement weather conditions
• Remotely track drivers and routes of service status for cost tracking
• Manage when drivers are on standby, in service or released from duty
• Recommend resources needed to clear the road as soon as possible
• Provide labor costs, mileage driven and more with report templates

What's Included In The Plow Ops Ecosystem

As a cloud-based data and operations engine, Plow Ops provides Administrators and Supervisors a map-centric web portal in which all organizational data, reports,and billing are contained. No servers or licenses to pay for or maintain. The corresponding mobile apps are universally available and can be downloaded straight from the app stores. Operators and Supervisors are provided logins by the Administrator, and data and assignments are contained within each team. Highlights include:

Storm Manager Tools (Administrators)

GIS-Driven Backend: Upload your Level of Service data to the cloud, and your road network and route priorities feed all the way down to a map view for the assigned driver.
Admin Web Portal: Storm deployment planning tools plus live vehicle + route progress on a stat-driven storm intelligence dashboard, down to the individual Driver and Route.
Post-Storm Analytics: Storm deployment planning tools plus live vehicle + route progress on a stat-driven storm intelligence dashboard.

Operations Tools (Field Personnel)

Supervisor Web Portal: Remote tracking of drivers and routes, direct route assignments, and actively manage driver Time of Service status for cost tracking.
Driver Mobile Apps: Receive route assignments, view & track on route geometries, report route progress, and submit observational road, weather, and critical incident reports (iOS and Android).

Why Plow Ops?

Whether you've yet to implement a vehicle-tracking platform or are already invested in a hardware-dependent system, Plow Ops provides a lightweight, flexible and low-cost solution to increase the frequency and accuracy of storm response data and reduce inefficiencies and confusion.

SaaS Platform Fully cloud-based; we host your route GIS data. No servers or hardware to support, and scalable to even the largest plow fleets. Maintenance and software updates are included and can be delivered without any disruption of service.
Set Up and Pre-Plan Response The Plow Ops platform allows storm managers to queue up route assignments to drivers and vehicle requirements before the snow starts to fly.
Support Contractor Operations Rely on private contractors? Utilize the smart devices they already own (Bring Your Own Device" model). Track their locations and route completion progress right from your dashboard.
Manage & Track Time-of-Service You're in control of when your drivers go on standby, in service, or released from duty. Report templates provide labor costs, mileage driven, and more.
Conditions & Incident Reporting GeoTag feature gives drivers the ability to report incidents (crashes, downed power lines, etc.) and submit the exact location back to the dashboard Platform Stucture


NeoTreks Custom Deployment: Wyoming DOT Road Condition Reporting

Go on a ride along with a plow driver see how the Wyoming Department of Transportation uses a version of Plow Ops to make road, weather and critical incident reporting safer, easier and more efficient.


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