Tracking Solutions

Our Tracking Solution apps provide location tracking systems for fleet and public works vehicles such as snow plows, service trucks, heavy equipment, etc.

The All-New 2021 Ford Bronco

Ford Motor Company recently unveiled the 2021 Bronco – including a classic two-door and first-ever four-door – the flagship of an all-new family of rugged off-road vehicles. We are excited to share the news with you that Ford has selected NeoTreks as a provider of off-road navigation maps and software for the all-new 2021 Ford Bronco!

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The Town of Castle Rock

The Town of Castle Rock is always looking for ways to improve services provided to its residents. The recent deployment of PlowOps, its semi-custom snow plow tracking system, helped with that initiative. The solution was developed by NeoTreks to specifically meet the town’s plow tracking needs.

Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT)

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) uses NeoTreks Plow Ops to make road, weather and critical incident reporting safer, easier and more efficient. Initially launched on 60 plows in 2014, WYDOT built on the success of its initial deployment to launch more than 250 plows for winter 2016.


NeoTreks PlowOps is a subscription-based snow plow tracking solution designed to help organizations manage their snow removal activities. The online dashboard can be run in any modern Web browser and can be used to track driver locations, manage storm events, manage plow routes, assign routes to drivers, and view completion status and progress of assigned routes. PlowOps mobile applications for drivers can be downloaded from both Apple iTunes and Google Play Store and will run on any modern iOS or Android device. Our mobile applications are very intuitive and do not distract drivers. Submitting road or weather conditions and critical incidents reports is made simple with just the tap of a button and reduces or removes reliance on radio communication.