Our Mobile App Portfolio

NeoTreks is great at taking ideas from the back of the napkin through design, development and deployment. We can also augment your team or provide assistance with individual phases of development.

Tracking Solutions

Our Tracking Solution apps provide location tracking systems for fleet and public works vehicles such as snow plows, service trucks, heavy equipment, etc.

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Our Recreation industry apps cover everything from hunting and hiking to travel and tourism. etc.... and a bunch of other stuff.

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Travel and Education

Our Travel and Educational industry apps encompass content providing instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects such as: tourism, location-based geological instruction, historical buildings, American Civil War battles, and local historical narratives.

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Transportation Safety

Our Transportation Safety apps provide mobile in-vehicle analysis and recommendations for vehicle and driver safety.

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Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics apps provide mobile surveys, data collection and analysis for consumer satisfaction and strategy market research.

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