Our Process

We Guide You Through the Entire Development Process

We build custom software that solves business problems and helps businesses grow. We start by understanding your business goals and the users involved. We’re your full stack technology partner, not another vendor.

We’re flexible in our approach whether you need us to build a turnkey solution from concept to code or seamlessly augment your current team.

We’re agile, ultra-responsive and can deploy resources quickly to support you. We work with our clients to ensure the successful deployment of our services and provide ongoing support and recommendations.

Your New Path to Mobile Success


A well-executed discovery process is critical for the success of a new software development project. The purpose of this phase is to ensure that everyone involved understands the business goals, technical requirements, timelines and budgets for the project. We will sit down with you in one or more sessions and discuss your needs, assumptions and product vision. We will work with you to refine those ideas into a clear project overview document called a Project Charter. At the end of this process, both you and NeoTreks will know if there is a good fit. If we decide to move forward, we will provide a preliminary proposal for beginning the next two phases: Define and Design.

  • Project Charter.
  • Initial Proposal for beginning the Define and Discover phases.
  • Cost: NeoTreks does not charge for the discovery meetings.


Building on the Discovery phase, the Define phase is a deep-dive into understanding each feature requirement. The purpose of this phase is to get a much clearer understanding of all the specific requirements of each feature in your application. We will begin by expanding your Project Charter into a Scope Statement. We will use the Scope Statement to build a list of Epics, then a list of Features for each Epic, and then build out User Stories that describe each feature. We will work with you to determine the priority of each feature, and this will determine the order that these features are created in the development phase. This guarantees that the features most critical to the success of your application are completed first.

  • Scope Statement.
  • Epics List.
  • Features List.
  • User Stories.
  • Levels of Effort (LOE) estimates for each feature provide you with a good faith estimate of the total project cost.
  • Cost: Varies based on Time and Materials. Larger projects will take more time and effort to define while smaller projects will take less. Payment is due upon acceptance of the deliverables from this phase.


Using the deliverables from the Define phase, NeoTreks will design all the screens within your application. We will provide you with interactive clickable design mockups that will allow you to view a preview of your entire application. You will have a chance to review and provide feedback, and we will iterate in this fashion until you are satisfied with the design and layout. This is an excellent way to quickly make design changes without ever writing a single line of code. This saves you money and shows you exactly what we will be building in the Develop phase. This also has the benefit of providing our development team with clear guidance on what is to be built, which saves time during the development process to save you money.

  • Design Document.
  • Development Proposal: T&M based on initial requirements. If the project has no front-end component, design doc could be a system diagram, etc.
  • Cost: Varies based on Time and Materials. Larger projects will take more time and effort to design while smaller projects will take less. Payment is due upon acceptance of the deliverables from this phase.


Our development team works to build your product. We will build in sprints of 1-2 weeks, providing you with a new testable build at the end of each sprint. This gives you a chance to closely track our progress and see features as they are being developed, as opposed to waiting until the end of the development process to see them all at once. We are able to quickly make adjustments based on your testing and feedback of each feature, giving you more flexibility and insight into the entire process.

  • Working, testable builds with completed features at the end of every sprint.
  • Cost: Varies based on Time and Materials. Larger projects will take more time and effort to develop while smaller projects will take less. Payment is due upon acceptance of the deliverables from this phase.


At the end of the development phase, we will deliver a completed build for testing. Testing is done by you the client to ensure that the last delivered build is completed and functioning within expectations. Bugs, changes and new feature requests can be submitted and developed as needed to get your application exactly how you want it.

  • Final Build for Testing.
  • Cost: Varies based on Time and Materials. If no changes are needed at this point then there will be no costs associated with this phase.


If you are building a consumer-facing application that will be published on the app stores, we will assist you in creating your Google Play account or iTunes account. We will upload your applications to iTunes and/or Google Play and will help you manage your application information, such as app name, descriptions, keywords, categories, etc. Alternatively, if you do not want to extra cost and effort of setting up your own Google and Apple store accounts, we will upload your application to our accounts for discovery by your market audience. If your application will not be hosted on an app store, and will be submitted internally only, we will provide you with a hosted link to a compiled application that you can share with your team to deploy it to their devices. We also have experience setting up and managing Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions that allow you to remotely manage your applications across your enterprise devices and can assist in setting this up as needed.