AccuTerra™ is a recreation-centric mapping product designed to replace paper hiking maps and can be used freely at AccuTerra™ strives for a balance between the simplicity and familiarity of modern web maps, while retaining much of the complex data and information found on the trusted USGS Topographic map series.


NeoTreks PlowOps is a subscription-based snow plow tracking solution designed to help organizations manage their snow removal activities. The online dashboard can be run in any modern Web browser and can be used to track driver locations, manage storm events, manage plow routes, assign routes to drivers, and view completion status and progress of assigned routes.


NeoTreks CartaPro™ is designed for the field professional tasked with conducting surveys, site location analysis, data collection and data validation. Export GIS data from your desktop to your iPad (coming soon to Android) for both field and office GIS work.

Make edits, add or delete records, or create entirely new datasets — all without needing an Internet connection. Connect to your enterprise services, ArcGIS online account or NeoTreks Cloud to manage, share, edit and create geospatial data. Our sophisticated yet simple-to-use Offline Caching tools allow you to take large amounts of map layers offline, so you can use your data anywhere.